Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Commission Knitting

RL has been a bit rough lately, even with getting to teach 2 classes for a couple of months. That should have eased things up - but all it really did was allow me to get a couple of backlogged things in order. Unfortunately, there were lots more where those had come from, and so......

I came up with a new venture, and have started making scarves on demand.

I'm in the process of figuring out pricing and stuff. I started too low, and am making adjustments as I get more people interested. As of now, I have gotten 14 orders. I've completed 2 so far and have 2 more on the needles. I'm gonna have to step up my pace if people want to have these before the winter weather hits!

The first 2 scarves were both knit from the same yarn, a now-discontinued bright-and-cheery rainbow self-striping variegate. I'm really, really sorry they discontinued this yarn! I also used the same stitch on them both - a very quick-to-knit-up variation on a waffle pattern. (pics below)

I also have 2 other patterns I'm playing with. One is a diagonal rib stitch, which is taking longer to knit than I anticipated, partly because I keep making mistakes with it. I love the look, but I may abandon that stitch if it doesn't settle down soon. Normally, I like knitting that makes me think a bit, but right now that's just not helpful! The other is a pattern I'm making up. It is based on my favorite washcloth, but I had to modify the pattern enough to get it to work for a scarf that I am considering it "mine."

I've also had two commissions for HP-based scarves, which will be fun, and for one infinity scarf, for which I need to do some gauge checking before I cast on for real. Once I am certain of my gauge, though, that one, too, should be easy to do (if i can get past the "cast on 178 stitches" part!)

Here are the first 2 scarves:
This was the first one I did - it was jusssssst barely long enough. I have since revised my scarf length to something an adult can actually wear.
This is the second scarf - sorry for the sun glare!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 2011 HPKCHC Challenges

Summarized from Ravelry:

Transfiguration, June 2011

Option 1: Steeks.
Option 2: Use scissors to make something new.
Option 3: Make something inspired by scissors.
Option 4: Spin or Dye yarn for a colorwork and/or steeked project.

Bonus points for pictures of scissors in action or before and after pictures

History of Magic, June 2011

Option 1: : Create a FO to represent something to help you while confronting an unknown Triwizard Tournament Task.
Option 2: Symbolize a new Triwizard Task.
Option 3: Create a FO in honor of your chosen HPKCHC Champion

Muggle Studies, June 1022

Option 1: A Muggle Doll (Human.)
Option 2: Something for a Muggle Doll: clothes, accessories.
Option 3: Make a “Doll-like” stuffed animal.
Option 4: Spin doll hair.

Summary: Craft a Doll, something for a Doll, or a “Doll-like” stuffed creature. Spin doll hair (measured by WPI).
Charms, June 2011

Assignment: Select a pattern and follow it unerringly.

DADA, June 2011
Option 1: Create something that reveals a truth about your character
Option 2: Create something that is dull, difficult or will cause pain
Option 3: Create something that can be used to bind and secure an opponent.

Care of Magical Creatures, June 2011
Option 1: Create a jewel-like item.
Option 2: Create an alternative “Cauldron” that is pretty or unique.
Option 3: Create something to protect you from fire.
Divination, June 2011
Option 1:  Craft something that makes use of “negative space” in the design. Lace and/or colorwork suggested.
Option 2: Craft something that can be viewed or used two or more different ways, depending on which part of the design you focus on.
Option 3: Interpret the posted prophecy.
Herbology, June 2011
Option 1:  Knit/Crochet something completely new challenge to you.
Option 2:  Create something that requires explanation to fully appreciate, then sell it hard.
Option 3:  Craft jewelry that is odd/inappropriate.
Option 4:  Craft something upside down!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011 HPKCHC Courses

From Ravelry:
Muggle Studies:
Muggle Art
  • Knit, crochet, or weave an object, or spin or dye yarn inspired by any work of art ...or...
  • Engage in a bit of artistic yarnstorming.

The Draught of Peace
  • Craft an item using 2 or more individual colours in a balanced way. (Fair Isle, intarsia, double knitting) ...or...
  • Craft an item with 7 colour changes. (eg. striping with 2 or more colours) ...or...
  • Overdye a commercially dyed yarn or one you dyed yourself.

Ancient Runes:
Shibboleth & Passwords
  • Craft something to secure a means of communication, whether it’s a cozy for your laptop or socks to protect your feet when you go to visit a friend. ...or....
  • Craft something that could serve as a shibboleth, that is, something that proves membership in a particular group (ex: the dark mark that Voldemort’s followers wore; in the Muggle world, a Red Hat for the Red Hat society; something in house colors for Hogwarts; etc.) ...or...
  • Craft something with a hidden message. (You’ll have to work hard to sell this one.)

Defense Against the Dark Arts:
Kappa study
  • Craft a project inspired by Mongolia or Japan, where Kappas are most commonly found. ...or...
  • Craft a project that you might take to the beach on your own future vacations. ...or...
  • Craft an object that represents one of your past vacations.
The Asteroid Belt
  • Craft something irregular. Try your hand at freeform crochet or knitting. Spin art yarn. Dye a yarn inspired by the asteroid belt. Imitate organic forms — break away from clean lines and symmetry and let your imagination free....or...
  • Make a belt.
Care of Magical Creatures:
Griffin study
  • Make treasure. ...or...
  • Make something to keep treasure safe. ...or...
  • Make something that’s a combination of the above.

The Permanent Sticking Charm
  • Craft something that represents a link between two people or locations. ...or...
  • Craft something that will help you, or someone you know, be remembered after you are gone and preserve your legacy.

History of Magic
Wizarding Fashion and Style
  • Make something to represent a Wizarding "style icon" ...or...
  • Using the playful nature of Wizard fashions throughout history as your starting point craft something that could start a new Wizarding fashion trend.



Students who choose Horcruxes will be setting out to find and destroy the Horcruxes. Students will select a Horcrux from the list and craft an item that represents it. You may do one Horcrux or all of the Horcruxes, but cannot do each Horcrux more than once (because lets hope there’s just one set out there for you to destroy!).

Slytherin’s locket - Slytherin, locket/necklace, scarves/cowls, caves, zombies/Inferi, childhood, the Black family
Gaunt’s ring - family, symbols, rings, gloves/mittens
Riddle’s diary - identity, charms (as in charming someone to do something like Ginny was), anything related to a book
Hufflepuff’s cup - Hufflepuff, money, Gringott’s, things related to cups, dyed yarn! (for this Horcrux only, and if you show us you dyed it in a cup!)
Ravenclaw’s diadem - Ravenclaw. Hats. words/wisdom, intelligence, regret, room of requirement, tiaras/crowns.
Nagini - snake, animals/pets in general, familiars.
Harry Potter (and his scar!) Gryffindor. Parseltongue, something that isn’t what it seems (has a hidden feature/compartment/etc), colorwork


The Elder Wand:
  • Choose an Unstoppable Ravelry Pattern (Knitting=more than 2000 projects, Crochet = more than 900 projects).
  • Make a project you’ve made before so you know you can make it again. (Provide a link to the first project page as well, if available)
  • Show other ways that having the Elder Wand empowers you.

Resurrection Stone:

  • Take a second attempt at making an UGH project
  • Reclaim a project (UGH, unfinished or otherwise) and give the yarn a new life (before and after pictures required here, no WIP finishing allowed!) Thrifting a thrift store sweater and turning it into another project also counts here.
  • Give life to a vintage pattern! (Vintage in this case = 1986 or older)
  • Pay respect to a great crafter who has gone on before us. Explain when you turn in. (i.e. Elizabeth Zimmerman)
  • Give a Face to a faceless Ravelry pattern by crafting a pattern that has no projects with pictures on Ravelry!

Invisibility Cloak

  • Make something in House Colors to blend in among the movie goers!

  • Make a shawl of at least 300 yards

Thursday, February 3, 2011

pimpy mclink-link

Just a note from snakey to pimp my new craft blog:

Stop by the new spot for updates on my current projects and etc.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

double strap booties for eric's lad

eric's baby shower is friday and his boy is getting these double strap booties in colours borrowed from eric's artwork. both colours are from vanna white's collection and i especially like the grey marble. such a great nubbly yarn full of hairs and weirdness--just like eric!
this is actually my 4th completed pair of double straps. for nearly a whole month they stood almost finished--except for the buttons. i had to give them a long break after they made me rip them apart and redo the straps. but now, they are done and i am giving this pattern a rest.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

so, what's up next?

this darling hooded cardigan by mon petit violon!

this sweater will be for my niece jenny who will be having her first child soon--a little boy. i loved the hood and the wavy stripes on this pattern and i think i will keep the gray, but do the a blue for the alternate colour.

i am still heady with the success of the cecily cardigan. hopefully, this one will go as smoothly! i didn't post the second cecily, since i finished it at the crack of 2 am and didn't take a photo, but it is identical except that i used a larger hook and tried to loosen up. with just those changes, i upped the size from size 3-6 months to the measurements for 12 months! i intend to sneak the same trick here so the my niece can use this hoodie next winter.

speaking of the cecily cardigan, it got a warm reception both at the shower and at the Ministry of Magic on Ravelry: Committee on Underage Magic. <3

i am also finishing the details on a pair of double strap booties for eric's baby to be. that shower is coming up quick! i'll post the pics of the finished objects shortly!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

my first real sweater!

here is the finished Cecily Cardigan! it was pretty easy to do, although you need to stay on top of counting better than i typically do. i had to tear out and redo several bits. nonetheless, it is my first ever sweater! i want to try this pattern again.

the shower is tuesday. i hope the mom makes it! she is looking quite done with pregnancy. :D